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Lawn games are a great way to entertain outdoors. Whether you are camping, tailgating, throwing an outdoor party, or just need to get outside - lawn games are perfect for any occasion. Your yard can provide hours of entertainment for all ages and skill levels.

Lawn Toss is your one stop shop for all your favorite lawn games and accessories. You will also find a section on rules to some of the most popular lawn games.


Cornhole is the oddly named, highly addictive modern day version of bean bag toss. Cornhole or Corn Toss is today's most popular outdoor lawn game. Players line up at either end behind a platform and toss corn filled bags at a platform. The Cornhole platform has one hole and scoring is based off landing on the platform or landing in the hole. Check out our Cornhole Rules page for more information on playing the game.


Similar to Horseshoes, Washers is a game of skilled played by individuals or teams.  The goal is to reach the winning score first, typically 21.  There are many versions of Washers and just as many sets of rules.  Single cup Washer boxes are the most common, but 2 and 3 hole boxes are also popular.  The history of the game is vague, but it most likely began with the tossing of washers into an empty can.


Horseshoes is a lawn game that is played between two people or two teams of two people.  Each person(in a two person match) or team has two horseshoes that are pitched toward the sandbox area.  The sandboxes are placed 40 feet apart and include a metal stake, the stake is typically 14 inches from ground to tip. Scoring is 3 points for a ringer and 1 point for a shoe within 6 inches of the stake.  Many backyard games are played to 21, but tournament scoring can vary.  The NHPA is the governing body for Horseshoes and provides more information on rules and court construction.

Ladder Golf

Ladder Ball, Hillbilly Golf or Lasso Golf all refer to the same yard game and the list of names do not stop there.  Some of the names the game is called need not be repeated here!  Ladder golf  is played with 2 ladders that have rungs 13 inches apart and  3 bolas per team(typically made from golf balls connected by a cord that is 13 inches in length).  The ladders are placed about 15 feet apart or 5 paces.  House rules vary, but normally each rung is assigned a different point value.  The winner is the first person or team to reach a score of 21.


Croquet has its beginnings in 19th century Europe and has been played in various forms ever since.  The game involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with wooden mallets through wickets (metal hoops) embedded in the ground.  The object is to be the first team to maneuver the balls through the course of wickets.  There are many versions of Croquet including American Croquet(also called Six-Wicket Croquet), International Croquet, Golf Croquet and Backyard Croquet. We suggest visiting the United States Croquet Association for more information on rules and setup.

Bocce Ball

Bocce is precision/competitive game,  played by throwing or rolling balls down a rectangular court.  The goal of the game it to get your ball or balls closest to the target ball(called the pallino).  Bocce is played in varying styles, the oldest call "Volo" uses bronze balls of varying size.  The newer style called "Raffa" uses plastic balls of uniform size.  A third variant is recreational bocce  known as "Open Rules".  For more information visit the USBF.

This list is not complete as there are always new lawn games being invented in backyards around the world.  If you have a lawn game you would like to see included on our site please feel free to drop us a note describing your game.

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  1. Jenifer
    Posted July 25, 2012 at 7:17 am | Permalink

    We do a “tournament” every year wher we have 8 or 9 teams and we play 5 of these games. Have you ever seen anyone with a way of organizing the grid fairly for which teams play whom in which games?

  2. Harold Blizzard
    Posted July 30, 2012 at 5:11 pm | Permalink

    I’m interested in buying App State cornhole decals. Can you give me the dimensions for the super large and the large decals that you list? Also, do you sell gold and black cornhole bags?

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