Washers Rules

Number of Players Needed: 2 players for singles or 4 players for doubles

Equipment Needed: 2 washer pits and 6 washers (I suggest painting one set (3) washers, to help distinguish them apart from your opponents).

Playing Field: The playing field should be as level as possible and the boxes need to be placed 25ft. Apart starting from the center of each cup.

Object of the game: To land as many of your set of 3 washer into the center hole (pit) or in the box to receive points, the player or team that reaches 21 first wins.

(Optional Play): a team or player must reach 21 points, without going over wins, if team or player goes over, they must subtract those points from their score.

Point System: Washer in the pit (hole or cup) is 3 points, in the box around the pit is 1 point.

Cancellation Rules: If the player or team lands a washer in the same position as their opponents, those points will be canceled out.

(Example):The player or team land a washer in the hole for 3 points, and the opponents also lands one in the hole, they will cancel each other out, it must be in the same round.  It is the same rule for in the box washer points.

Washers Game Play:

Singles: each player has a set of 3 washers, tossing each washer at the opposite washer box, without going past the washer box, player turn is over after his/her washer has been thrown. Players will alternate between ends after each round, only in singles play.

Doubles: Same as singles, except the players teammates are at opposite ends of fields. Each player will throw 3 washers each.  Each team will only have 3 washers.

(Example): Team 1 Dave and Jennifer /Team 2 Chris and Shirley,  Dave and Chris will be at one washer box and Shirley and Jennifer will be at the other.  Lets say Dave won the toss for play.  Dave will toss his 3 washers and then Chris will toss his 3 washers.  Once they have finished , Jennifer will toss her 3 washers (the same washers Dave has thrown) and Shirley will toss hers. You will only need 3 washers per team.  By having a player at each box saves you a lot of walking back and fourth.

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